St. Ezreal’s School of Espers

NaNoWriMo Winner St. Ezreal’s Campus Map

NaNoWriMo is a challenge to write a 50,000 word novel in 1 month. This started started out as an early practice for that event, but I ended up converting the practice into a novel and finishing on the final day, Nov 30 2017. (50,000 words in a month is nuts! Props to those who can do that!)

Each section (example: was a writing session, containing at least 1,666 words. Thirty of those sections ended up being 51,725 words. It might not be that good, but I’m really proud of myself that I persisted through so many sessions and wrote a novel. (Life achievement unlocked!)

A little bit about the genre. It's definately not for everyone. It's a science fiction/fantasy world with mages and espers, mind hacking, strong language and violence. It's chock full of sexually suggestive humor and zany situations. (I'm drawing on years of research of ecchi harem anime. Woot!)

To read the novel, I recommend viewing it through gitbook.

The book has some story inconsistencies (as noted in (spoiler alert)) and it’s only a first draft right now, but Constructive criticism is appreciated! I don’t think I’ll polish this one, but rather I will take the criticisms as notes for next NaNoWriMo!

Big thanks to @mindsforge, @DoodleGarou, and @MuLlaak for the encouragement, support, and inspiration! I wouldn’t have ‘picked up a pen’ so to speak if it weren’t for you three!

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